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FireDog Productions started as a hobby.  To understand it better, we need to go back in time, to about 1986. That is when Mike and Michelle Verkest first met. Yep Jr. High School sweethearts. Ever since then, Michelle has found a way to put up with Mikes “Good Idea Box”…and he has had a ton of them. The first one was to begin a career in Emergency Medical Services. That career spans over 23 years and continues to this day.

Over the years, Mike had always wanted to find a way to bring the pictures of Fire and EMS to the people, so he started making videos. His videos, usually lighthearted in nature, sought to turn the tragic nature of the job into something to be proud of. As time went on, Mike reunited with an old work friend who had a successful medical based podcast. He joined him on an episode and the feedback was overwhelming! “That guy needs his own podcast and he should be on the radio!” So…a few months later he was the host of his own podcast.

Enter the Unmanned aerial system, or Drone. Now there was a way to get amazing pictures from the air! This was a hit for Mike because one of his great ideas back in the day was to fly RC Helicopters! This really brought together the best of both worlds…flying and video production! Mike was able to make some fun videos on the training fire ground around Clackamas, Oregon which got a large fire district interested in the technology for the fire service. Mike was then able to really combine his love for video, flying and emergency services all in one!

Fast forward to 2018 and FireDog Productions was born. By this time, Mike had started producing 3 podcasts, doing the post productions, sound editing, music and recording commercials for sponsors. They loved his work and couldn’t believe he was a paramedic, not a voiceover actor. Anyway, here we are. We want you to know that the services we offer, we take great pride in. Everything is done locally, by Mike while Michelle takes care of the important stuff. Thanks for considering FireDog Productions for your company’s audio, video or next great podcast idea.

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