Podcast Production

Do you host a podcast or are you thinking about doing so?

Firedog Productions can provide production, post production and editing services.

Have you been thinking about creating your own podcast? Have a particular hobby or interest you are passionate about? A podcast may be just the media format for you! FireDog Pro can help with everything from producing music, post production and even help you choose the format and equipment you need for a successful show! FireDog Productions currently produces 3 of the top 10 Emergency Medical Services Podcasts in the United States and have done voice over work for 8.

What does it mean to edit a podcast? Well In simple terms, we are able to take raw audio footage and match loudness to industry standards, remove and clean up umms, ahhs and restarts, add intros and outros (which we can create for your podcast) ID3 tagging if desired, as well as noise reduction to give your podcast a clear, crisp professional sound.

Check out a few samples of our Podcast Production services below.


Podcast Disclaimer

Podcast Intro

Podcast Subscription Spot

Podcast Intro II

That one day podcast

Of course we produce our own podcast! It’s called “That One Day”. Public safety professionals from the U.S. and beyond spend a lifetime serving and protecting their citizens. These are their stories…sad, funny, poignant, inspiring. Join us as they recall… that one day.

Podcasts We have worked on

In addition to our own podcast, we have provided full editing and mastering services of the shows listed below.

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